Revive Sql Backup Files

Handy Backup Server 6.0

Handy Backup Server 6.0: Server-based workstation backup software for enterprise networks of any size backup media: Handy Backup Server supports backup to FTP, SFTP, LAN, FireWire and USB hard/flash drives, CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, HD DVD and much more. Detailed online help is available. Centralized workstation backup, advanced backup plug-ins and an ability of fast system recovery distinguish Handy Backup Server from other network backup software and make it one of the best utilities for backup and recovery of the entire office network or a local server

Restore SQL Database 11.07.01: Restore SQL Database in a most effective manner by using SQL Recovery software
Restore SQL Database 11.07.01

SQL server recovery utility that has got the potential to recover Microsoft SQL server backup files in almost all the situations. With this SQL repair tool, you could easily recover views and stored procedures as well as the damaged unique keys, primary keys and foreign keys very easily. The aptitude to generate the script files where the recovered files are saved further makes it more ideal to restore SQL database. Moreover, it acts as a standalone

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SQL Examiner Suite 2010 4.0: A tool for SQL compare and synchronization of data and schemas.
SQL Examiner Suite 2010 4.0

SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle, SQL Examiner Suite 2010 is the ultimate solution for SQL compare and synchronization of both data and schema in your databases. SQL Examiner Suite 2010 is a combination of two important and highly useful tools. These tools are SQL Examiner 2010 and SQL Data Examiner 2010. The tools run efficiently on any database supported. They also work with database creation scripts and SQL Server database backup files as well. Full

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MyDbDump pro 2.0:  import Access to mysql Even if direct access to  MySQL database is denied
MyDbDump pro 2.0

SQL much faster than if MS Access databases were copied to MySQL database directly because the copying to MySQL database is executed with utilization of the server where the particular script is launched . Using MyDbDump you can make the conversion manually or schedule your conversion tasks to be performed automatically. 2. Backup your MySql database: MyDbDump stores your MySQL database structure and / or records in a single PHP file or SQL script

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SQL Autobackup Free 3.1.0210: Used to automatic backup Microsoft SQL Server database
SQL Autobackup Free 3.1.0210

Used to automatic backup Microsoft SQL Server database

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Snap Backup 5.6: The One-Click Backup Utility
Snap Backup 5.6

backup and archive your valuable data. The first time you run Snap Backup, you configure where your data files reside and where to create backup files. You can also specify a secondary archive location, such as a USB flash drive (memory stick), for storing backup files. Snap Backup automatically puts the current date in the backup file name, alleviating you from the tedious task of renaming your backup file every time you backup. The backup files

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SQL Database Recovery Tool 2.0: SQL Recovery Software to Repair Corrupt MDF Files or Recover SQL Server Database
SQL Database Recovery Tool 2.0

SQL Server recovery software has following advance features: * Repair corrupt MDF files damaged due to virus attack, media read errors, software failure etc * MDF file recovery software also recover backup files of Microsoft SQL Server 2000 * MS SQL Recovery software displays preview of all records of SQL Database (.MDF) files * Recover SQL Server database meta data and create a new script files which is imported in SQL Server * SQL Server Database

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